About Us

It's truly a Family Thing 



What started as a hobby for us to do as a family, quickly developed into a full blown business. Starting our journey in our basement and now participating in local markets, this has been one heck of an adventurous hobby. 

We are often asked how we came up with the name Alpha Bee and its actually a really sweet story. Growing up with my grandfather on a dairy farm, being raised by a farmer who was a strong alpha male (also the greatest man I've ever known) and was my biggest support. Following in his footsteps of being a hard working entrepreneur, now raising my two boys to become alpha men someday. It was only right to teach them to become entrepreneurs at a young age. After my grandfather had passed away in 2017, I have always told my kids that he was the brightest star in the sky watching over us.  Alpha Centauri is the closest star to the sun and the third brightest star in the constellation.  And thus, the Alpha Bee Candle Company was born.